Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Return from the Dead!

OMG, how long have I been missing from here? Some ppl even asked me, "Have your blog turned into fossil yet?" Guessed I can't complain much cos its been nearly 2 long years since I last wrote anything. How fast have time flies, I guessed, especially when I'm 2 years older now >.>

It's been nearly a year since I started to "work again", and it was some great experience for myself. I did learnt a lot from my colleagues and I had a great Manager that, despite my poor IQ of merely 80 and noobish character, still teaches me new stuffs day in day out. I guessed that might come at the expense of her vomitting blood everyday?

I still live a normal life though, wake up --> work --> hang out with friends --> sleep, which is a very repetitive routine already. And yes, I still playing World of Warcraft whenever I'm free, hoped to learn Chinese but still too lazy to do that, and finally am trying hard to accumulate money to further my studies.

I'm still single but not available as I already had someone in mind and this future PHD holder knows who she is rite? I will send you the postcards as promised and update this blog more often as promised k? ;)

I guess a first post after all these while should be kept short and simple, so I will end it now before i bored you guys to death.

But wait! I can't just leave without sharing anything great rite? Hmm... lets see.. AHA, I will share a very great and meaningful video with you people k? Here you go:

Remember that life is full of hope and miracle, WHEN YOU HAVE THE BELIEF IN YOURSELF. Cheers!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Of Courag3 and Lov3

This incident happened when I’m still in primary school. I’m always curious as a kid and love observing the behaviors of insects or animals. Guess this explains why I took up psychology, maybe I was bored of the simplicity of insects and animals, thus decided to observe human instead (how lame rite…). Anyway back to the story…

My previous house used to have a large garden since my mum love gardening. One good thing about having a garden is you’re able to observe insects from near. One fine day, the cute little curious boy in me that was still studying in primary school went to the garden and hoping to catch some spiders or insects as victims pets. When I was near a papaya tree, something attracted my attention. I saw a butterfly attacking a spider (the butterfly was slightly larger in size) and gotten excited by this scene, I continued my observation due to the fact that no logic in this world would explain why a butterfly would want to attack a spider.

The butterfly was trying to ram itself into the spider, as if trying to prevent the spider from climbing further up the tree. The spider somehow retreated slightly, as if it was staring at specific direction and the butterfly moved back to land on a higher part of the tree. Moments later, the spider tried to proceed up the tree and the butterfly began its assault on the spider without hesitation. I start to feel curious due to the fact that the movement of both the spider and butterfly suggested that the spider is trying to reach a certain spot of the tree and the butterfly is trying to prevent that from happening. I did noticed that the spider tried to attack the butterfly but to no avail due to some smart maneuver from the butterfly that uses its wings to repel any potential attack. There was once where the spider took a slight bite on the butterfly but the butterfly managed to fend it off fast. After around 5-10 minutes of fighting, I noticed the butterfly started to get fatigue (I believed the initial bite’s poison start to take its toll on the butterfly’s body).

Being the righteous kid as I always had, I shooed the spider far and away. Stepping backwards as an assurance to the butterfly that everything is fine, I noticed it flew up slightly to the leaf area and landed there. I took a peep and I saw the butterfly and its mate (sorry, can’t differentiate their gender), which appeared rather weak and seemed to be dying pretty soon. This explains why the butterfly had all those courage to crazily attack a spider earlier; it was to protect its mate despite the fact that its mate is clearly dying soon, even though that butterfly faces the danger of getting killed. The butterfly did all those just to buy its mate some extra precious moments of life, and I could not help but to admire the courage and love of that butterfly in taking concern for its mate.

Now I knew why and what it was fighting for. Its courage in attacking a natural predator for its mate’s life had earned itself some extra precious last few moments with its mate. I left the scene soon, still feeling amazed at what I saw.
Since then, I’ve always tried to remember the courage of that butterfly whenever I see huge obstacles facing me. I use that butterfly’s courage as an inspiration and to remind myself that good things are worth fighting for.

End of story---------

Courage is the mental muscle that conquers fear. Like all muscles, the more you use them the stronger they become. Courage is not something you are born with, it must be developed. Individuals that fail to develop courage will always remain confined in their own mental prisons and face each day as mental lightweights.

A little courage leads to more. Observe those poor souls who are without courage. They merely tiptoe through life hoping they make it safely to death. I believed that we were never meant to live that way. Learn to live the way you like by no longer living as you dislike. Forge into the remainder of your day with an abundance of courage. That is what I call, true living.

The below video is a big inspiration that I felt worth watching.

How they saw things.
The vision they had.
And what they were going to do to get there.
Just like you and I.
We all can choose to live beyond the average if we dare.

p/s: This post is dedicated to a good friend that is celebrating her 22nd years old birthday today. It is my hope that she's able to do a breakthrough in her current life and garnered enough courage to seek what she wants. All the best in life and happy 22nd birthday ;)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The real satisfaction

Dedicating this post to Arnie since i promised her to write something here today hehe.

I've adopted the habit of observing and trying to analyze people (not girl's boob or arse, mind u) in terms of their behavior ever since taking up psychology. Sounds creepy rite? But hey, I lub doing that :P

One important thing I noticed was how people define satisfaction in their life that contributes to their own self-esteem. I've come across people that were rich, or people that were extremely pretty but yet they wasn't satisfied with their life. In fact, these people assumed they had achieved little or nothing in life and thus feeling down and suffered from low self-esteem.

Don't believe it? Lemme ask you this and answer to these questions frankly based on what you know about yourself, or even those people that you know that you might know or come across:

a) You're a pretty girl by public eyes and have lots of admirers. People have been praising your beauty very much, and you do feel happy with those praises. Yet, you've been suffering from low self-esteem and assumed that you didn't really achieve much in life.

b) You're quite a public figure (those in entertainment or political field), where your fans spurns from hundreds to thousands. People acknowledge your achievement, people praises you immensely and you can afford to buy goods or gifts that you like, yet you feel those admiration doesn't reflect or mean anything to you. You just feel you didn't achieve much in life.

c) You're the showstopper and always one of the main attraction in the crowd wherever you go. People glued to you because you made them cheer and laugh their arse out, you create fun and great atmosphere and always able to light up even the most dull occasion. You're well-known because of this and people just love being by your side. Despite these public acceptance, you never quite feel satisfied and feel down whenever you're by yourself. You feel you didn't achieve much in life.

d) You're what I call, the reincarnation of an angel. You're known to be the perfect man or woman when it comes to friendship. You're known amongst your friend as the most gentlemen (or gentlelady), humble, down-to-earth, and the extremely helpful lad that never reject helping people in need, thus winning you a group of small but great friends. Despite having this great bunch of people around you whenever you need them or otherwise, yet you feel you didn't achieve much in life.

The above 4 scenarios above are just some example of people I've come across that felt themselves as, "just another person that didn't achieve much in life" despite them possessing beauty, and/or material goods, and/or social recognition. The question why is easily answered, and it was due to the fact that they are not able to link their success to their inner soul.

What do i mean by this you might ask. Lemme give an example. When you come across a great song or movie that you've heard or seen, you can really feel this song or movie have some kind of emotional link to your inner soul. You can feel the link is so great till the extent you can feel the emotion that the singer and/or songwriter is trying to portray out to its listener. And yes, these kind of songs can last for centuries and yet the listener will never feel dull listening to it. Reason? Because you had managed to link that song to your inner soul, thus able to appreciate whatever it was being sang to you, and such appreciation DO last for years if not forever.

Another example was, you might be yearning to get the latest model of laptop or handphone. Let's say you finally got it, and for sure you will feel happy for a week or so. Afterward, that laptop or handphone is just another "one of your many items" that you owned, and do you feel proud and happy after buying it? Yes, you do, but only for like a week or so as I've pointed out but definitely not for long. This is why people that gained satisfaction via material goods are never satisfied, and this could be attributed to newer models are always out in the market or most of them never been able to link these material collections to their inner soul. One exception though are those hardcore collectors of a particular item, e.g. Gundam series models.

What I wanted to point out was most people failed to relate their achievement to their inner soul, and thus they never felt their achievement is something to be proud of. Jealousy can be one of the reason, but the main reason could be deep inside you have this betrayer that keep belittle your own achievement. And sad to say, nobody actually betrays yourself more than you because you will never feel sad if you don't allow yourself to do so.

Gaining the real satisfaction is how you balance yourself and get rid of the betrayer in you while trying to link your success to yourself. Such balance is important in order not to get overly carried away by your achievement and to always stay humble in order to gain more success.

Hope this post helps ^_^

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Underweight ISN'T more attractive!

Been quite sometime since i last updated this blog, i guess my course mates understand why haha. No, busy is definitely not an excuse, it's just me being lazy. Satisfied? :P

Anyway, I've come across this interesting report and thought of sharing it out, so nice of me rite? Another thing is copy n paste while giving credits to the original source allows this lazy blog owner to laze off ma hehe. Hope you find the report as useful as I do :)

Young men find "normal" sized women more attractive than size zero celebrities, research has suggested.

Male students at St Andrews University were asked to rate female faces for attractiveness and health.

The study found that girls with an average weight and build were ranked as being the most attractive and healthy.

Researchers said the findings sent out a strong message to young women who believe being underweight is considered to be attractive.

The research was carried out by a team from the university's Perception Lab, who asked 84 female students a variety of questions on their health, took their blood pressure and photographed them.

The photographs were then shown to a group of male students who were asked to rate them for health, attractiveness and weight.

Professor David Perrett, who supervised the project, said: "In our study, people in the normal weight range were judged healthier and more attractive than under or overweight individuals.

"This sends a strong message to all the girls out there who believe you have to be underweight to be attractive.

"The people making judgments in our study were all between the ages of 18 and 26 and they did not rate underweight girls most attractive. They preferred normal weight girls."

Lead researcher Vinet Coetzee said although people often often remark on how healthy or unhealthy someone looks, it can be very difficult to say precisely how we know this.

'Already suffering'

She added: "Scientists have been trying to answer this question for decades, and have made many breakthroughs in our understanding of health and attractiveness, but until now they have tended to overlook the influence of weight."

Ms Coetzee said students who were rated as being overweight reported more frequent and longer-lasting cold and flu bouts, used antibiotics more frequently and had higher blood pressure than the students who were considered normal weight.

"Even at this young age, their health was already suffering because they were overweight, and what is more, other people can spot this in their face," she added.

The findings have been published online by the scientific journal Perception.


Hope this finding will change the mindset of those of you who are already on normal weight but still insists to reduce more. Adios~

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Be more positive!

Human always cry and whine during the darkest hour in their life. Yet they had forgotten that stars can only be seen when the sky is dark or rainbow can only be sighted after a rainy day.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Beefkuteh aka Beef's Bakuteh

I came to this shop 1 year ago and immediately fall in love with it (I mean the food!!!). After much pestering (plus my lack of going back to Melaka), my "ahmad" finally brought me once again during our recent Raya Holiday.

*Place is full when we arrived*

We reached this place around 7.30pm and the whole place is full! There were at least 2 other groups ahead of us in the queue so ya, me and my friend were waiting patiently (not to mention hungrily) for over 30 minutes before we get a seat. Trust me, it sux to see people enjoying their yummy beef slices for over 30 minutes while you were standing near the roadside with your tummy protesting like crazy.

*Uncle busy preparing foods for loads of gluttons including both of us*

Me and my friend ordered 2 cans of 100plus a pot of beefkuteh for 2 while adding extra beef balls and fried foo chuk. Trust me, you really need to be patient to eat here cos it may take like 15-30 minutes before our food were served onto our table.

*Aww, finally the food, the delicious, the yummeh*

Finally our beefkuteh arrived, its a well portioned pot of beef slices, beef balls, foo chuk and cabbages served with 2bowls of rice. The soup isn't the typical bakuteh soup you eat, it have a strong scent of black pepper but the taste is just nice. Best part was the beef slices were not overly cooked. You can taste the tenderness of the meat that comes with little fat that blended nicely with the soup.

Total cost was RM36, but trust me, this pot of beefkuteh can easily feed up to 4-5 people. You must really try this especially during rainy season.

Place's Name: Loi's Bakuteh and Beef Stall
Address: 6022C, Jalan Penghulu Abbas, Bukit Baru, Melaka
Business Hour: 6.00pm till 10.30pm
GPS Location: N2 13.742 E102 16.624

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Black or White?

A deep sigh of breath was heard... Ace had been wandering on the street without any purpose for the past 1 day, still thinking of the sudden change of life he had faced.

*1 month ago*
Ace had always been an excellent cop. Known for his strong standing and great sense of justice principles, he never gives up on any cases. Today was yet another day he had solve another big case, adding another extra achievement to his already reputable career as a police officer. He has been holding to those principles all these while, believing that justice will always prevail and all trials will be handled in a fair and square manner. He's currently hard-tracking a team of professional robbers called Skyliners.

*8 days ago*
Ace had been suspended from his job indefinately. He was suspected to be involved in a series of robbery involving Skyliners. His gun was found in one of the crime scene and CCTV caught his images in another robbery. Yet Ace argued it was a setup to discontinued his efforts in investigating Skyliners.

*2 days ago*
Internal investigation within police had decided to charge Ace as a collaborative partner of Skyliners. Ace, crying foul over this setup disbelief that his innocence was ignored especially after his years of commitment towards the police force. He felt his belief in justice was greatly shattered and he can no longer trust the principles that he uphold all these while.

*1 day ago*
Ace was being deported to a detention centre. Inside the police van, he saw a driver and another cop guarding him. The cop, raising his cap showed a familiar face to Ace. It was Andy, his ex-partner and most trusted comrade in the police force for the past 5 years. Both had saved each other's life on numerous occassion before Andy disappeared 6 months ago. Andy said he was working for a powerful political figure now due to his disappointment with corruption within the police force and juridical system in the country. Ace disbelieved this fact, but Andy cited Ace's case as an example of corruption within higher police ranks to shut Ace's investigation on Skyliners.

Andy offered Ace a solution, to work for the political figure and his boss will use his political influence to cover up Ace's case and restore his status as a police officer. Ace argued that Andy's boss had a record of illegal tradings and links with triads, and working with this political figure means breaking all the faith and principle Ace had been holding all these while. Andy slapped Ace and told him how his so-called principles had landed him into troubles that he faced today. Andy then helped Ace escape from the police van and asked him to think properly before letting Andy know his own decision.

*Current time*
Ace had a short sigh and showed a confuse face on whether to stick to his principles or belief which is to surrender himself to the police station or to take up the offer from the devil which totally defies his usual beliefs.

Tada, the End!!

I guess there are many times in life where we might faced the above scenario, where whether we should sacrifice what we believed in or to hold onto it regardless of situation. Decisions like these are definately not easy to make, especially when an incident really shatters what you've been holding onto all these while.

Such incident happened to me recently, but I guessed I've learned from it where there are times we need to change and adept our beliefs according to situation.

How about u?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Final Semester!

Just did some minor revamp due to my laziness... Wanted to do a purely html coding revamp but guessed i'm just too lazy or its due to my new semester had just begun 2 days ago (such a good reason rite?). Previous semester's grade is ok, not great mainly caused i targeted slightly higher. Grade for thesis 1 isn't out, hopefully it will be released somewhere next week according to some admin staff.

Wishing everyone to have a nice semester ahead and good luck to all. ;)